“Springtime flooding awareness” Part 2 – Irrigation Systems

It is common for irrigation systems even after fall time blow-out for there to be leaks and breakage do too freezing, ground erosion, soil movement and incomplete water evacuation.

In most cases broken irrigation lines cause flooding inside a living space because of hydraulic pressure exerted against a building foundation wall or basement floor slab.

The best way to avoid water damage and building water intrusions as a result of irrigation systems is too charged lines and closely monitor them at the same time.

Broken waterlines in an irrigation system are read more

“Springtime flooding awareness” Part 1 – Hose Bibs

You know how everybody assumes flooding and/or spring flooding is caused by massive rainstorms, hurricanes, swelling rivers or water runoff from the hills above…well I am here to tell you that way more spring floods are caused because you forgot to take the hose off the outdoor hose bib last fall…. And I would know because I have spent the last 30 + years mitigating and repairing the damage caused by the above-described scenario. Not to mention the fact that HYDRACLEAN Disaster Restoration Services deploys catastrophic loss crews through-out Canada when mother nature doles out devastatingly read more