Hidden Hazards in your Home – Safe Demolition what you need to know

Part 2 – SILICA
The safe removal of hazardous materials should be carried out by a qualified contractor such as HYDRACLEAN Disaster Restoration Services or an equally qualified contractor in your area in accordance with regulatory safe work practices.

SILICA DUST or Crystalline Silica / Concrete dust is Commonly found in cement products like cement leveling compounds, tile thin-set, tile grout, floor tiles, wall tiles, concrete floors, concrete foundation walls, cinder blocks, Bricks, paving stones, and most concrete products. Silica is also used for grinding and polishing glass and stone.

Silica is most often recognized in the form of quartz. It is an abundant natural material found in stone, soil, and sand.

Silica dust is hazardous to human health when inhaled. Inhalation of silica dust can compromise lung function especially in people with already compromised lung functions and smokers. Silica dust is considered a human lung carcinogen, breathing silica dust can cause silicosis which can compromise lung function and in some severe cases can lead to death. Silicosis can make one susceptible to lung infections like tuberculosis.

Disturbing Silica Dust is common during construction and pre-construction demolition of building materials like the ones listed above.

During these activities’ workers can protect themselves by wearing the proper protective equipment such as fit tested full-face respirator with a p-100 cartridge, disposable suits with hoodies and boot covers as well as face and eye protection. Remember the potential for inhalation of silica dust still exists after the job is done. Don and doffing of personal protective equipment should be done with care, disposable and non-disposable PPE’s should be decontaminated prior to doffing.

Containment dust barriers set under negative pressure are required to keep silica dust from spreading throughout the structure.
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