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Fire and Smoke Damage

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Contents and structure restoration after a fire or smoke damage can save thousands of dollars’ worth of property. This type of decontamination cleaning is extremely detailed and meticulous, it requires a vast knowledge of techniques to decontaminate, clean, and restore the many types of surfaces and materials found in every home or business. The right surfactants and techniques are critical to a successful outcome. Using the wrong surfactant can render an item or material permanently damaged. Our decontamination teams are trained and certified to systematically clean, restore, pack, log and seal contents, to secure them from further damage. Structural restoration techniques are employed to mitigate damage to the building, decontaminate, and to remove all remnants of fire damage while removing non-salvageable building components and rebuild the structure better than its pre-loss state, guaranteed.

Our staff is able to respond to emergencies or answer questions 24-7, 365 days a year! Give us a call today for free estimates or free consultation our advice is always free.

Our telephone lines are answered 24hours a day 365 days a year by a live expert. We will respond to site any time of the day or night as needed, because a quick response will limit damages to properties and limit unnecessary costs.
Did you know every 24 hours the costs to mitigate and repair damage caused by a water escape can double.