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Infectious Disease Control

Facility Decontamination / Sanitization Services

HYDRACLEAN Restoration Services is a company born on the pride of decontamination and meticulous cleaning services, and therefore we take a great deal of pride at the frequent opportunity to obtain written proof with the help of third party environmental science based testing firms (environmental consultants’) that our strict decontamination methodology claims upon completion are fully quantifiable and 100% successful in achieving the goal of complete sanitizing of the environment given at task.

Post Quarantine Services:

Facility decontamination procedures as stated earlier can be quantified by various microbiological testing facilities and methods available to us and extended to us by outboard environmental consultation services and third-party interests to prove the success of our services.

Sanitization services are easily performs by following a strict protocol of procedures which include, but are not limited to atmospheric disinfection to sanitize air and air handling systems combined with a physical/mechanical decontamination of hard surfaces including common walls, windows, window screens, doors, door handles, light and power plug plates, bathroom facilities etc.

Unlike highly detailed hazardous material decontaminations’ HYDRACLEAN Restoration Services routinely perform such as mold and asbestos remediation and abatements, biological and viral decontamination's are performed best under positive pressure environments whereas the facility being decontaminated is positively charged therefore emitting air to the outdoors rather than intaking air from the outdoors environment. This combined with air scrubbing techniques using HEPA cabinets and Diffusion can capture biological contaminants such as Coronaviridae. Hard surface cleaning and atmospheric air sanitization procedures can ensure the best possible decontamination and sterilization of an indoor environment making habitation much safer to general occupants.

HYDRACLEAN Restoration Services’ team of environmental professionals can facilitate large public spaces for decontamination at anytime as needed. This is amongst our most studied and implemented daily practices as a firm specializing in hazardous material decontamination and indoor air quality preservation.

HYDRACLEAN Restoration Services Ltd. Established 1989

CORONA VIRUS Anatomy and Effects

Coronaviruses / Covid-19 (CoVs), envelope positive-sense RNA viruses, are characterised by club-like spikes that project from their surfaces, an unusually large RNA genome, and a unique replication strategy.

We know that Coronaviruses cause a variety of diseases in mammals and birds ranging from enteritis in cows and pigs and upper respiratory disease in chickens to Potentially lethal human respiratory infections.

Here is a brief description of coronavirus discussing their replication and pathogenicity. The outbreaks of highly pathogenic severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and the recently identified Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndromes Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

It is known that Coronaviruses are the largest group of viruses belonging to Nidovirales order, which includes Coronaviridae, Arteriviridae, and Ronivirdae families. The Coronaviridae comprise one of two subfamilies in the Coronaviridae family, with the other being the Torovirinae. The Coronaviridae are further subdivided into four groups, the Alpha, beta, gamma and Delta coronaviruses. The viruses were initially sorted into these groups based on serology but are now divided by clustering.

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