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Natural Disasters

Serving anyone in need

In today's climate natural disasters such as wildfires, floods, high water levels, hail and windstorms are occurring more frequently.

HYDRACLEAN has been deploying Catastrophic Loss Response Teams to natural disasters for over 30 years. Are mandate being to mitigating damages in effort to save structure and property and rebuild communities.

We can deploy to anywhere in Canada within 24 hours.

Our disaster response crews specialize in de-watering, decontaminating, contents handling and recovery, hazardous material assessment, mould/mold remediation and prevention, asbestos abatement, site safety assessment, sand bagging crews and more.

HYDRACLEAN has a massive arsenal of specialized equipment from dryer fans and dehumidifiers, thermal imaging cameras, moisture detection equipment, air scrubbers, drying trailers, decontamination trailers pre equipped, dewatering pumps, extraction trucks, sand bagging rigs and more.

Our telephone lines are answered 24hours a day 365 days a year by a live expert. We will respond to site any time of the day or night as needed, because a quick response will limit damages to properties and limit unnecessary costs.
Did you know every 24 hours the costs to mitigate and repair damage caused by a water escape can double.