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Vandalism and B&E

Serving anyone in need

The violation and trauma of a break & enter or vandalism can have lasting effects. Our 24-hour response team can secure broken doors and windows until replacement procedures can be completed. General site cleanup and restoration procedures can restore and begin to erase the traumatic reminders of such violating damage. Spray paint graffiti can be removed in some cases; spoiled mess and displaced contents can be tidied up promptly. Broken glass can be removed from carpets, flooring, and living spaces to secure safe occupancy. Fragmented ornaments and furniture can be restructured when all pieces are retrieved. Non-salvageable items can be documented and stored for insurance representatives to access for replacement. Flooring like carpets, hardwood, vinyl, and laminates can be restored or replaced as required.

Our telephone lines are answered 24hours a day 365 days a year by a live expert. We will respond to site any time of the day or night as needed, because a quick response will limit damages to properties and limit unnecessary costs.
Did you know every 24 hours the costs to mitigate and repair damage caused by a water escape can double.